fredag den 13. januar 2017

2016/17 Rankings: WORK HAS STARTED

2017 April update:

A lot of work has been done over what is now a long stretch of time and once this is finally done it will definitely be the most thorough rankings ever.

The current plan is for it to be presented one way or the other towards the very end of the 2016/17 season or into the off-season which from experience I've now concluded is by far the best time for something like this to at least resemble a finished product.

During the season(s), and the work on the next rankings now stretch just about a couple of those, there is constant new information and never ending change making closure difficult to find.

Currently I have completed 15/16 as well as 2016 rankings on all the positions to work with and from now on it's simply a matter of adding all the new information from the last couple of months of the season and the end will be near.

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